GFI Backup 2009 - Home Edition

GFI Software Ltd. (Freeware)

GFI Backup 2009 – Home Edition is used for backing up important files, such as office documents, images, audio files, videos, and personal files. It has a wizard-like interface that is useful for beginners who have little experience using computers of backup applications. The application’s main window is divided into four sections, with each section providing a specific task. The four main sections are:

• Backup – This button allows the user to create a backup task. All the important files can be backed up in different locations, such as removable hard drives, a local folder, LAN (Local Area Network), a CD or a DVD, or in remote locations by using FTP (File Transfer Protocol.
• Restore – This section allows the user to restore files from a backup location.
• My Tasks – This section is used for task administration. With the tool, users can manage and change the settings for the tasks associated with the GFI Backup 2009 – Home Edition program. This is where users can create new tasks, edit existing tasks, and change the security settings.
• Sync – The Sync section enables users to synchronize files and folders between two computers or between a computer and a device.

GFI Backup 2009 – Home Edition provides a Quick Tour button that provides information on the different tasks that can be done with the program.