Get Tube 5.0

getTube Team (Freeware)

Get Tube is a video downloading tool which enables users to download streamed videos particularly from YouTube. It is a stand-alone application that functions separately from the Internet browser. It has its own YouTube-only browsing window. The program downloads streamed videos and saves the same into several video file formats including MP4, FLV, AVI, and HD format. It can also convert a video stream into an audio stream by saving the same in an MP3 format.

The Get Tube features a grey user interface with a browser window occupying most of the interface. The bottom portion features the Get Tube function bar enabling users to download the current video streaming on the browser window. Just like any Internet browser window, the user may browse for YouTube videos on the search bar at the top. When a video is selected, the window shows the Playback pane on the left portion with playback controls at the bottom of the pane. The upper right portion shows the video uploader as well as some pertinent information including the URL and Embed tags for the selected video. The Download button is located on the bottom right portion of the interface. When clicked, the program searches for the active video stream. The program then confirms the download and asks for the output file format.