GetRight 6.5

Headlight Software, Inc. (Shareware)

GetRight is a download manager that was first released in February 2007. It allows users to manage downloads from different sources all in one location. The program’s interface provides all the tools for downloading and managing the downloaded files. Users can search for files to download within the window. After clicking on the download button, the file will be added on the interface. Users can see the progress of the download and the time remaining before the download is done. Large files that are downloaded can be paused, too. When the download is resumed, it starts at the point where it was stopped.

GetRight provides tools that will make it faster to download files. One of them is Mirror Search. This feature looks for computers that are downloading the same file as the user. By looking for the fastest server and switching, users can increase their download speed. Another tool is Acceleration, which is capable of downloading portions of a file all at the same time. The different pieces of the file are downloaded from different servers and are put together in order to complete the download faster.

Here are other features of the GetRight program:
• Recover interrupted downloads from system crashes and lost connections
• Offers features for advanced computer users
• Supports Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera
• Scheduling of downloads
• Server synchronization