Michael Thummerer Software Design (Freeware)

GetFoldersize is a utility developed to determine the size of different folders, sub-folders, media storage, CDs or DVDs, and networks included in a certain system partition. It can identify the programs that take up most of the hard disk’s space. It displays the total size and the number of files and sub-folders for each folder. This application extracts and displays the information about the computer system in a customized view.

GetFoldersize has a three-part resizable interface that uses the drag-and-drop method. The left toolbar includes the folders panel, the right toolbar contains the split view, and on top of the files is the drive panel that could be displayed or hidden using the toolbar icons. Most of the application’s options are located on the right toolbar; including the font size, language, columns, icon labels, icon size, and icon units displayed in bytes.

GetFoldersize uses an algorithm that scans the system quickly, displays information in a tree-view at the Folders panel, and displays the active directory in the Files panel. Folders can be arranged according to attribute, extension, path, size, type, date modified, date created, or date accessed. Users can delete individual files or a batch of files, and search for missing or hidden files.