GetDiz 4.8

Outertech - (Freeware)

GetDiz is a program used to replace Notepad. It is developed by Outertech. The program offers a wide variety of features while keeping the basic features found in the original Notepad. Aside from the basic features found in most Text Editor, the program has the ability to show ASCII art correctly. This support provides additional functionality with NFO and DIZ files, which are commonly found in RAR and ZIP archives. NFO and DIZ files can be saved as GIF images using this application. This Notepad replacement can also resize the text window during loading of files. This is used to accommodate text width as well as to remove trailing/leading spaces when copying the text to the Clipboard.

The program also features an option for Auto-copy Selections. It can also convert UNIX files to the standard Windows text format. Users can also highlight web links inside the text files allowing users to be redirected to a certain web page directly from the text editor. The application can be installed on a portable device, such as USB stick, for mobile or portable usage. It also features the “Allow Only One GetDiz Instance” option. When this option is enabled, users can click on all the files right after the other within a single window.