GetBot 3.04

GetBot (Shareware)

GetBot is a program that gives users the ability to download selected or all of the files contained in a website, such as text, images, and JavaScript files. Users can enter a Web page address on the New Site Window from the Open menu, and the application will map out the page and list down its components. Users can then choose which of the components to download; they can select all of it or choose only the ones they want by sorting files by name, type, and address. It is recommended to use this application with the user’s preferred browser.

Some website content such as Flash animations, music, and videos that automatically play on a webpage cannot be downloaded through the browser. With this application, users can get the difficult-to-download content. This program also provides users with full control over the download process, so that they can pause and resume downloads and see the download status of each file. This application lists down all the available files in a website and shows their file size before these are downloaded. It can tell if an image file is a video capture, an image map, a thumbnail, or a simple button or icon. It also shows the download speed, download progress, and estimated time when the download process will be completed.