GetAmped2_US 2

CyberStep (Freeware)

GetAmped2_US is a massively multiplayer online game intended for players in the United States. The game is set in the year 2120, several years after mankind left the solar system. Since then, humans have made contact with extraterrestrial beings and have also communicated with the Galaxy Federation, an intergalactic federation of all beings in the galaxy. It is in this setting that the GetAmped Tournament or GAT is conducted. In the GAT, different fighters coming from all parts of the galaxy participate in various games to determine who is the strongest and most powerful.

Players of GetAmped2 can choose from various character styles. Each character has a set of weaknesses and strengths, fighting technique, and defensive moves. Players also get to use different weapons such as grenades, swords, and clubs to fight opponents with. There are three playing modes in the game. One of these is the Tournament mode, in which players fight in one-on-one matches or in team battles consisting of eight players in a team. The Street Fight mode involves up to 20 players, while the Guardian mode enables players to go on missions and do battle with non-player characters in the galaxy.

This game allows players to customize their avatars and edit skins. Skins and textures may be downloaded from the official website and also shared with other players.