Get IP

Glynsoft (Shareware)

Get IP is a small program, but it automatically copies the URL to the user’s clipboard even without prompts. This is the primary usage of this application. The function is activated as soon as the program is installed. With the activation of the program, the IP address and host name are immediately provided.

Get IP by Glynsoft is a lightweight program that is particularly useful for gamers and other computer and Internet user who have the need to share to other people their IP address. This utility allows the user to view the hostname and local IP address and copy all the relevant data to the clipboard. This is a computer program that is also useful to people who have trouble remembering the necessary command that provides the necessary information about the computer’s IP address.

This computer program also provides users with quick access to the details of the Internet connection that is being actively used. When not needed, this clipboard can be minimized into the taskbar or the system tray for easy access much later. The option to display the information at all times is also available to users, if this is their choice. Get IP is a free application that is accessible to anyone with Internet access.