Gerz Clock 2.4

Gerz, Inc. (Freeware)

Gerz Clock is a program that displays a clock as the desktop screensaver. When the computer is connected to the Internet, the application also shows the weather forecasts for certain cities. It can also show new feeds from RSS feeds that the user subscribes to.

Users can view all the options for the application under the Settings window. Users can choose one of the items from the menu, which can be found on the left side of the main window. The options for the selection will be displayed on the right side of the window. Under the Main Page, users can choose clock style, calendar, weather forecast, and RSS Feeds. There are pre-set RSS feeds included in the application, but users can add new URLs for the RSS feed. Weather forecasts come from There are also settings for sounds, reminders, background image, and chimes.  

Other features of the application include the following:

• Supports weather forecasts for more than 4,000 cities around the world
• Wide variety of clock themes to choose from
• Simple and easy to use interface
• Support for systems with a wide screen monitor
• Quick access to the program’s options under the Settings window