German Truck Simulator.v 1.03

SCS Software (Shareware)

German Truck Simulator is a truck driving simulation game that was first released in 2010. Players assume the role of a truck driver for a hauling company. Players must retrieve and deliver items in different locations around Germany. There are 18 different cities in Germany to visit and more than 60 different types of cargo to deliver. Players start out as an employee, but money collected from doing jobs can be used to purchase a truck. Aside from making sure that cargo is delivered to the right destination, players must also monitor traffic and make sure that the cargo arrives in one piece.

Players can build their own delivery business by purchasing more trucks. Offices and garages must also be set up in order to build a successful business. Additionally, the condition of the trucks must also be monitored in order to keep them in top condition. This includes monitoring the engine and making sure the trucks have fuel.

Other features of the German Truck Simulator game are the following:

• visit different locations around Germany
• realistic graphics for a better gaming experience
• plenty of missions to complete
• experience driving different kinds of trucks from 7 truck companies
• manage own cargo delivery business