German Truck Simulator

SCS Software (Shareware)

German Truck Simulator is a driving simulation game that as first released in January 2010. The program allows players to drive different types of trucks across Germany. In the game, players start out as a truck driver for a cargo transportation business. As players complete deliveries, they are rewarded with money. Players must make their way up and earn enough cash to start their own transportation business. The money can also be used to upgrade the trucks. The game allows players to drive in 18 German cities including Hamburg, Kiel, Hanover, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich. There are more than 60 kinds of cargo to deliver to different locations. Locations are connected by major highways.

When players can afford to put their own business, they can set up branch offices in different locations and purchase trucks to be used for delivery. Players must also maintain the condition of trucks by checking the fuel levels and the components of the truck. Drivers can also be hired when business is improving.

German Truck Simulator offers players a realistic driving experience. While driving, players must constantly look at the mirrors in order to see vehicles that are overtaking. Driving controls are detailed, but the game can also be played by beginners.