Gephi 0.8.2

Gephi Team (Open Source)

Gephi is a 3D application that assists users in conducting network and graph analysis. Its 3D rendering engine is able to display the user’s loaded networks in real-time, allowing for a faster exploration of components. It has a comprehensive set of tools that enables users to filter, manipulate, cluster, and navigate through data.

With this tool, users will be able to explore, understand, and present graphs easily. The data are presented visual form, which is useful in displaying different properties. With an interactive representation, users such as data analysts and statisticians will be able to discover patterns and make hypotheses from the given data. They would also be able to identify outliers and single out faults during the sourcing of data.

This application comes with a metrics framework that provides users with the ability to do social network analysis for websites. It cans how the PageRank, hits, and clustering coefficient, among other factors.

Gephi is an application that can work in conjunction with statistical programs. By coming up with a visual representation, users will have greater ease in conducting data analysis and presenting the data in a form that more people will be able to understand. Users can customize labels and colors to bring out the important data. The created representations can be exported to PDF or SVG for sharing and reporting purposes.