GeoVisu 5.0.1

GeoVisu team - (Freeware)

GeoVisu is an application that provides users with the ability to download the data recorded by GPS devices and see georeferenced images and graphics. It can also convert graphic data by exporting these to KML and MIF formats. With this application, users can also export GPS data such as cartographic and geographic coordinates to NMEA and GPX formats. As a geodetic system, one of its functions is to support different kinds of cartographic projections, from Polar stereographic, Lambert conic secant and tangent, and transverse Mercator. The parameters used have been validated with information gathered from national geographic institutes.

GeoVisu has two major functions: GPS and georeferenced data display. As a GPS, it has a moving map feature that shows the user’s current position with real-time actualization; the user’s position is always shown at the center of the window. It is also able to download tracklogs, waypoints, and routes from GPS devices. As a data display application, it shows users map and graphic data in different formats, including those compatible with Google Earth and OpenStreetMap. Additionally, it can read compressed files in ZIP and Gzip format. The georeferenced images can be seen in monochrome or negative mode. Another feature is its automatic overlay function for map and satellite images, so that the most accurate layer is shown on top.