GeoGebraPrim 4.0

International GeoGebra Institute (Freeware)

GeoGebraPrim is a primary school version of the GeoGebra application. It is a mathematics program used for teaching and learning math at all levels. GeoGebra and GeoGebraPRim are the same program. All the functions and features available in GeoGebra are also available in GeoGebraPrim. The main difference is that the GeoGebraPrim is a simplified version of the program with restricted set of tools, larger font size, and all tools available at once.

The program can be used for various mathematical concepts, but mainly for Algebra and Geometry subjects. The program’s interface is divided into several views – Algebra view, CAS view, Graphics view, and Spreadsheet view. By default, Algebra is located at the left side of the interface while the Graphics view is located on its right. Other remaining views only appear when it is used.

GeoGebraPrim offers various tools, commands, and objects for teaching mathematical concepts. Objects vary based on its use. There are geometric objects, tracing objects, scripting, and others. The available tools are used for producing new objects via the pointing device. Each tool has its own equivalent command. Depending on how it is used, this educational application can be used to create graphs, algebraic expressions, and more.