GenoPro (Shareware)

GenoPro is an application used for creating genograms. Genograms are graphical representations of relationships within the family. It is more complex than a family tree as it provides complete information about each member of the family. A lot of information can be added when creating a genogram. Some of them are basic information (name, gender, and birth date), spouse, number of children, and the relationships between family members. Users can also add information about a family member’s medical history. Additionally, a photo can be added to each family member for easier recognition.

Other features of the application include the following:

• Family Wizard – This is a tool used for adding family members or kids to a family already saved in the application.
• Support for Hyperlinks – Users can append hyperlinks to a family member’s profile so that other family members have access to personal websites or blogs.
• Table Layout – The program has a table layout feature where information on the genogram is displayed on a table. This allows the user to add and edit information easily.

GenoPro allows users to come up with an HTML report of the entire genogram with the HTML report generator. The program also supports web publishing.