Genieo 1.0

Genieo (Freeware)

Genieo is an application that allows users to create personal homepages. A user’s search history is analyzed, and relevant highlights and headlines from it are extracted, enabling users to subsequently obtain information they need and want without the need to search for them.

The application tracks a user’s preferred topics and interests from content that the users browse. By adapting to a user’s topic preferences, the program will then provide content based on a user’s interests. Greater results accuracy is made possible by program options that enable users to customize  and designate their preferences. Favorite sites are automatically bookmarked with the application. A Mini Topic Filtering System reviews all browsed information and provides result items that are relevant to the user. Micro-targeted information include various social streams, such as favorite articles, Quora posts, tweets, videos, blog posts, news, websites, and status updates from Facebook, to name a few. Top and latest headlines from favorite user content is delivered to one’s browser. Users will also be notified regarding live events that are part of their interests such as football scores. Special days and birthdays of loved ones are also posted. A user does not have to register for RSS feeds since preferences are automatically and constantly updated.