Genie Timeline 3.0.3

Genie-soft (Freeware)

Genie Timeline is a tool for backing up files. It is able to backup emails, files, and folders on the desktop, pictures, videos, music, bookmarks on web browsers, office files, and compressed files. Users can backup any file by right clicking on the file and adding it to the backup list. The program performs backups in four different ways. These are:

• Smart Mode – With this method, the applications automatically adjusts the memory and the CPU of the computer based on its usage
• Parallel Block Level – This uses enhanced processing for quicker block level backups
• Turbo Mode --  In turbo mode, full speed is used for the quickest back up possible
• Pause/Resume Backups – In this mode, users have full control when to start and pause/stop the backup process

Users can click on the Genie Timeline on the system tray in order to see the progress of the backup. The program has a feature called IntelliCDP. This intelligent technology backs up the data at different time intervals, depending on the size and type of the files. This feature allows users to back up files and continue other computer activities at the same time. Files that are not going to be included in the backup can be placed inside the ‘No Backup Zone’. Users can also view a Backup Breakdown in order to see details on all the files that are included in the backup.