Artech (Shareware)

GeneXus is a cross-platform development application created by ARTech Consultores, a company based in Uruguay. It is designed to help users create applications for different operating systems in different code or script languages. As a representation-based tool, this is made for various Internet applications, Windows-based environments, and other compatible smart devices.

This development application features a normalization module. This serves to enable the creation and maintenance of a database. Databases can refer to the structure or contents that are based on the description of the user.  The programming languages included in this application are Java (commonly used for Android and Blackberry mobile and portable devices), Objective-C (for Apple devices), Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, COBOL, C#, and RPG. It is also compatible with certain DBMSs, such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

This is also designed to be a multi-platform development tool. This means it allows users to create or maintain several programs. No rewriting or customizing code to create multiple programs is necessary. Users only have to change the settings or requirements of the apps. Moreover, applications or programs that are already created can be modified by rewriting the language or code.

Key features of GeneXus:
• Automatic creations or designing of database
• With simple-to-use, and latest Artificial Intelligence (AI)
• Multiplatform
• Complete and functional prototype