Generals - Zero Hour

EA Los Angeles (Proprietary)

Generals – Zero Hour, also known as Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour is an extension of the game Command and Conquer: Generals. Both are developed by EA Games and involve strategy action gameplay. This game features three campaigns that each consist of five missions. Players get to watch a full motion video of news reporters from the three main teams – USA, China, and GLA – relating details of the mission from their respective camps. The player gets to choose which side to play for and aims to attain complete domination over the other Generals by employing combat strategies and using high-tech weapons. The player must also be able to defend his/her forces in combat when the enemies use deadly weapons and stealth tactics.

Generals – Zero Hour offers a slew of new enhanced controls, structures, and firepower, which are necessary in getting through the 15 new missions in the game. Some of the tasks that a player might be assigned to accomplish include defeating American troops in the Mediterranean, deploy special operatives to acquire weapons of mass destruction, and penetrate a US intelligence agency. There is a ‘Generals Mode’ that enables players to lead any of nine army troops in combat against nine AI Generals. It the player is able to defeat all nine battles, a select number of armies is unlocked. These armies can be used to play the Online and Skirmish modes.