Gena PhotoStamper

KozaSoft (Shareware)

Gena PhotoStamper is an application that assists users in stamping their photos and other image files with a customizable date. It is simple and easy to use for users of all skill levels. The interface is comprised of a menu bar and tabs that enable users to quickly and easily navigate through the program’s available actions. It has support for JPEG files and batch selection, so that users will not have to stamp dates on photos one at a time.

One of the notable features of this application is its customizable date format. Users can also add the time to each stamp, specify the location on the photo, and modify its appearance. There are six predefined anchor points that can be selected; users can further adjust the vertical and horizontal offsets until they are satisfied with the stamp’s position. Users can set the font size, font type, font style, opacity, and color. Date stamps can also have a background color to make them easier to see and read. Users can preview the stamp on the photos before finalizing and saving.

Users can undo actions, remove stamps, and also choose to restore the settings to default or original. The settings and other stamp information can also be saved so that these can be used later. The stamping process is lossless, which means that it will not modify the pixels outside the designated stamp area.