Gel-Pro Analyzer

Media Cybernetics, L.P. (Proprietary)

Gel-Pro Analyzer is a complete gel analyzing program for various laboratory testing procedures; including qualitative and quantitative measurement of electrophoretic gel, blot, and measurement of colony parameters and information. It is designed to hasten laboratory productivity without hampering and compromising efficiency. By eliminating the battery of steps involved in gel analysis, laboratory results are delivered fast and accurately to medical practitioners and patients. Gel-Pro Analyzer works well in Southern Blot, Western Blot, and Northern Blot tests. It is also ideal for dot and slot blots as well as quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction identification and measurement.

Gel-Pro Analyzer comes with a number of advanced image analysis features that aids molecular biologists and medical practitioners in the qualitative analysis of specimens. Additionally, it is capable of generating image-processing algorithms that represent the quantitative parameters of the blots, gels, and colonies used in a certain experimental procedure without the need for examining specimen slides under the microscope. Its sophisticated processes and simple nature of use enables users to view test results rapidly through a single-press action on the start button or key of any computer device. Finally, the program generates laboratory images for all kinds of complex gel-based tests such as wet gel representation, dry gel-focused analysis, and thick or thin film examination.