GeeXLab (Freeware)

GeeXLab, or GXL, is a 3D graphics tool that is used in the real-time coding and prototyping of 3D scenes. This program is designed for users of all skill levels, from those who have just started to learn about 3D programming, to those who have more advanced technical skills. This program is based on Lua, XML, OpenGL, and Python programming languages. This tool also works as a 3D scene browser, much like how Mozilla Firefox is used to view HTML scripts. Users viewing scenes can edit them using the application’s live coding feature.

GeeXLab has tools for both beginners and advanced 3D programmers. Many new users begin with XML, which the application supports along with other scripting languages. Experienced programmers can make use of more advanced tools such as real-time programming languages. This application has support for two kinds of scripting languages, namely Python and Lua. Both languages may be used simultaneously in a demo and for different purposes. Users who prefer using Lua in deforming a mesh may do so, while managing transactions using Python at the same time.

GeeXLab requires a source code editor installed in the computer before users can start coding. This application may be used in creating prototypes of benchmarks, games, demos, and other small applications.