Geekbench 2.1 2.4.3

Primate Labs (Shareware)

Geekbench 2.1 is a benchmark application used to measure the performance of a computer's memory and processor. It measures the computer's performance by scoring it based on the standard that is set by the industry - how it ranks against other similarly-built computers. When the program runs a test, it displays a set of categories where the final benchmark score is based. It also pulls the computer's system information, such as the operating system, the model, and the type of processor. The program installs and runs without having to be configured. This is because it gets the PC’s system information automatically and runs the benchmarking test based on that. It also evaluates major components of the computer.

Another unique feature of the program is the Geekbench Result Browser. This browser lets the user share the computer’s benchmark score with other Geekbench users. It enables the user to compare similar benchmarking results, letting him know how his computer's score compares  in terms of industry standards. To see the results of other users, one needs to sign up for an account. By doing this, the access to other Geekbench users’ scores is unlocked, as well as making his own test scores available to other users of the program.