Line 6, Inc. (Proprietary)

GearBox is a tone editing software developed by Line 6 and released on March 2010. It is the companion software for the GearBox hardware produced by the same company. It is used to control the Line 6 Tone Port, POD X3, PODxt, and Guitar Port. It allows users to have visual control of the hardware and enables users to create and save Tones. This program also comes with several presets, including a Tone Library that offers several more professionally programmed Tones.

GearBox platform features a fairly complicated interface with several toggle buttons, dials, and displays. It features a Select Source Menu including a Tone menu, Amp model menu, and Cab model menu. The GearBox also features Monitor controls including Monitor volume control, monitor light, and mute button. This program also features Out to Hardware controls including a volume knob, mute lineout button, and output indicator light for TonePort and GuitarPort. The interface also features a Tuner button and Bypass button for TonePort and GuitarPort. The interface also offers customization of GearBox Record Send and VU Meters. It also features a USB device connection indicator, CPU meter, and Effects Control Display. The Effects menu shows effect controls for Noise Gate, Stomp, Wah, Delay, Compressor, Modulation, and Reverb, among others. The Info bar shows the function of the current cursor position. Browser Controls option enables users to customize the browser settings and appearance.