Gear Grinder

TARGEM Games (Proprietary)

Gear Grinder is an arcade racing video game developed by TARGEM games and published by Headup Games. In this game, the player takes on the role of the character Jack Hammer, who is in death row for destruction of property and homicide. A mysterious organization called “The Agency” hires Jack to do several dirty jobs using a large armored truck. First-time players can go through the training mission tutorial to learn how to join the races. Competitors include other truckers, the Agency, and the police. To unlock truck upgrades, players must finish at the top three of the races. These upgrades include a new paint job, tougher armor, enhanced boosters, and roof-mounted laser guns. Players can also add extra features to their trucks such as air-conditioning, Bluetooth, sunroof, and spikes among others.

Apart from races, players are also required to participate in a demolition derby, wherein their endurance is tested. There are about 50 missions, which could involve anything from playing a ten-car bowling game to blowing up a patrol car using a remote-controlled vehicle. In some races, the player has to finish at the top of the list, but there are survival races wherein the driver who places last is eliminated.