GDocsDrive 2.0

Cloud Drive, Inc (Shareware)

GDocsDrive is a client application used for Google Docs. The application allows users to organize and manage all their files that are stored in their Google Docs account, straight from the desktop. One of the main features of the application is that users are able to edit files in the cloud using applications that are installed on the computer. Some of the applications that can be used are Adobe programs, and applications from the Microsoft Office suite.

The application makes use of the Google cloud storage when storing files. For the free account, only 1 Gb of storage is available. However, users can increase their storage space by paying a yearly fee. The application’s main interface is simple and easy to use. All the files are categorized at the left side of the window including documents, drawings, spreadsheets, presentations, trash, starred, and others. When a folder is selected, all its contents are displayed on the main window. Some of the information displayed include the filename, type of file, quota used, author, and the date when the file was last modified.

Here are more features of the application:

• Support for wide variety of file formats
• All files stored in the cloud are secure
• Simple and easy to use