GCFScape v1.8.4

Ryan Gregg (Freeware)

GCFScape is a file viewer and extractor program developed by Ryan Gregg. It is specifically designed for exploring and extracting GCF files (Game Cache Files). A GCF file is like a virtual file system used by Steam for its content delivery system. Although it is used for extraction, the program is not designed for modifying its content. It can be used for modmakers for extracting a game’s models, sounds, and other materials. Aside from GCF files, the program also supports PAK, BPS, Half-Life, XZP, and WAD formats.

The program’s interface is similar to the classic Windows Explorer. Its main task is to extract GCF and related file formats. The application offers a tree view of the chosen file. Extracting a file can be done via the right-click context menu, which also brings up several operations that the program can perform. Aside from the extract function, the right-click context menu also offers Shell Execute, Validate, Go to Directory, and Properties options. When extracting a file, users have the option to choose the location folder.

GCFScape also offers other options available in the Options menu. Available options include Verbose, File Mapping, Quick File Mapping, Volatile Access, and Write Access. The application also offers a defragmentation utility used for reducing GCF files fragmentation. This operation can handle batch processing and offers fragmentation report.