SASiO (Shareware)

GCFExplorer is a program that enables users to search their computers for and view GCF files, identified by the extension “.gcf”. The main feature of this application is to extract contents of GCF files. Compatible files can be extracted partially or fully. GCF contents may be extracted by file or through directory. Even encrypted file data are able to be extracted. This is possible using the right Decryption Key.  This application also allows users to write and create contents to GCF files. Headers of GCF files can be made and fixed. Moreover, GCF files or directories can be validated in a single click.

Other features of GCFExplorer are the following:
• Shell execute or preview of GCF file
• Search for GCF files and directories
• Drag and drop for easy access of GCF files
• Detailed information and log of GCF file or directory are provided with the option to save them
• Recent menu for GCF file that is currently opened

With the program GCFExplorer, there is no need to use .NET Framework. Users can simply explore files and check functions or features for other usage of this program.

This PC program is compatible with Windows based computers. It comes with a user-friendly interface, which is actually similar to Microsoft’s Explorer.