GBM 9.0

Genie9 (Shareware)

GBM or Genie Backup Manager is an application that is able to restore and back up the entire computer system as well as remote devices and removable media. It backs up and restores applications, emails, files, operating systems, documents, settings, external drives, FTP locations, online media, and other components the user wishes to back up. It enables users to create backups in .zip files or in a proprietary format that may be encrypted if preferred. Backups can be in the form of executable files that can be run on any computer running on Windows even when the backup program is not currently installed.

The program provides users with wizards to easily perform functions such as Restore, Disaster Recovery, and Backup. In Disaster Recovery, users can create an emergency recovery disk that is bootable and can be used when the computer crashes. Users can create backup jobs and select a backup location, which may be a USB drive, local disk, or even an FTP location. Users may also back up the items contained in their Windows user profiles. With this feature, users can easily select media files, documents, email data files from Outlook, system registry data, and other important files that need backup. This utility also provides plug-ins to assist users in selecting the components they want to create backups of.