Gas Powered Games Dungeon Siege II

Gas Powered Games (Shareware)

Dungeon Siege II or DS2 is a role-playing game that was released in 2005. It is the sequel to the game Dungeon Siege. The storyline continues from the events of the first game. Players control an unnamed character in the quest to beat the Dark Wizard. Players can improve their character by specializing in a specific skill. There are four skills in the game (nature magic, combat magic, melee, and ranged) that can be improved with skill points. One of the additions in the game is the Hero Powers system. This allows users to develop a powerful skill to use when engaged in battle with enemies. Some of the powers include lightning and invisibility. These extra skills can be acquired when the player reaches a certain level for a specific skill. They can further be enhanced with skill points.

Other features of Dungeon Siege II include the following:
• Interactive world with special environments
• Makes use of SFX to offer better special effects
• Cinematic storyline
• Powerful allies
• Dangerous enemies

Players can also build an elite battle party with six members. The members’ skills and abilities can be developed over time using the new character development system.