Gas Guzzlers Public Beta 1

Gamepires (Freeware)

Gas Guzzlers Public Beta 1 is a combat racing game. The beta version is available for the release called Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage. This game features a behind-the-car view of the race track. Players start with a basic, low-performance vehicle model and work their way up to the more advanced and modified models. This is done by earning in-game money in races and purchasing upgrades. Players can choose from a number of different vehicle models, weapons, and upgrades. Players can also get hold of on-track bonuses by running through them.

Before playing in a race, players first select the class and then the event. As players progress through the game and earn points, they can unlock tracks, events, categories, and vehicles. The events include standard races, battle races, tournaments, and knock-out races. Once unlocked, events can be played multiple times so players can accrue points and money to modify their cars with. Having better cars gives players bigger chances of winning events and getting more money. Players can move up from a lower to a higher class by winning in special tournaments.

Gas Guzzlers features simulated AI (computer) opponents. These opponents can also move up in rank and modify their vehicles, making the races more challenging for human players. An official rank roster for each category shows the positions of the drivers, including the AI opponents.