Garena Updater 3.12 (32-bit)

Ocean Global Holding (Freeware)

Garena Updater is a multi-function application that features two primary modes. These are Internet chat messaging and online gaming. It allows users to play games with the option to chat to other players and friends added or included in their contact list. This simply provides social connectivity while playing any available games provided by this tool. The chat feature enables users to talk with their friends in private or group chat.

Garena Updater has been discontinued. However, the company released a program called Garena Plus Messenger that has the same features as the original Garena Updater. Users can still play online games and chat at the same time. With this new program, the games users can play are League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, Elsword, and Black Shot. All of these games are a type of war craft or shooting games except Elsword, which is a battle championship of fighters.

This program is developed by Ocean Global Holding Limited that is originally based in Singapore. The company has extended its business in the Philippines, the CIS, Taiwan, and Vietnam. This explains why Ocean Global Holding Limited is no longer the term used for the company. As of these days, it is called as Garena Interactive Holding Ltd., Garena Online, and Garena Philippines Inc.