Garena Online PTE LTD (Freeware)

Garena is an online gaming application that was initially introduced in 2010. The program’s interface is similar to an instant messaging program. However, it is geared towards gamers. Players who sign up on Garena can add other Garena players on their buddy list for easier communication. Players can check their games progress, see their achievements, and view other game statistics. Another feature of the program is access to private and public gaming channels. This allows gamers to form gaming groups that can be useful when playing Garena games.

Garena makes use of virtual currency in the form of Shells. Players can use their Shells in order to purchase enhancements, services, and in-game objects to improve their gaming experience. Shells can be purchased from the Garena website. Players also have the ability to change their player’s avatar, change their game names, and customize their account.

Some of the games published by Garena include the following:
• Defense of the Ancients
• Duke of Mount Deer
• League of Legends
• Black Shot
• Heroes of Newerth

Garena supports e-sports games, too. There are local and regional tournaments that players can join. Apart from online tournaments, the company also organizes gaming events in order for Garena subscribers to meet each other offline.