Gardenscapes 2. Mansion Makeover. Collector's Edition (Русская версия) 1

Playrix (Shareware)

Gardenscapes 2 – Mansion Makeover is a hidden object game. It is the second game in the Gardenscapes series of games. In this second instalment, players are tasked to makeover the mansion. To have the budget, players must sell different items found within the house. Buyers will be arriving at the mansion looking for items and players must locate them within a scene. Each buyer that arrives has three hearts. The goal is to give them the item they are looking for before all the hearts disappear. The fuller the hearts, the more money the player gets for the item. Players can also use a hint button when they cannot find an item.

After each level, players get the chance to redecorate a part of the mansion using the money that was earned for the level. For each item redecorated, users have three choices for the design. Some designs are more expensive than others. There are 60 items that can be used for redecorating the house. The game features over 3,000 items to find in different locations in the mansion. There are also 3 spy modes and mini games users can play aside from the hidden object game. This collector’s edition includes bonus items, such as wallpapers, soundtracks, screensavers, art, and more levels.