Garden Dash

PlayFirst (Freeware)

Garden Dash is a gardening-themed time management game developed and published by the company, PlayFirst. The game’s plot revolves around a character named Barb, who also ran the restaurants in the game Diner Town. After growing tired and extremely stressed out from her duties in the restaurant business, she turns to gardening to experience a more relaxing pace of life. The player assumes the role of Barb, whose main task in this game is to open up new garden shops and manage them. The game offers 50 levels, which take place in five locales.

Players can choose between two difficulty levels, Easy and Hard. The Hard level becomes available only after the player successfully clears the location in Easy mode. In addition, the player can win 10 trophies for the entire duration of the game. The basic task involves planting a wide variety of plants such as roses, tomatoes, peaches, and grapes among many others. Once the fruits, vegetables, and flowers are harvested, the player places them in baskets, which will be picked up my customers. Apart from watering the plants, the player must give them special care such as play music for the roses, put peaches in warm clothes, and get Barb to talk to the cucumbers.