Gangsta War

GameTop (Proprietary)

Gangsta War is an online action adventure game released by GameTop and available on Kongregate. The game was released on February 2011. The player aims to be a real gangsta or a member of a gang. The player joins one of the gangs and tries to kill the members of the other gangs. The goal of the game is to achieve acceptance at the gang and rule the streets as the number one gangsta.

Gangsta War is a first person shooter game. The game interface features the arms and the current weapon on the foreground, and the rest of the game environment on the background. Other gang members appear from anywhere on the environment and move towards or away the player. The player’s goal is to aim the gun towards the enemy gangstas and shoot.

There are four available weapons that the player can choose from using keyboard number keys 1, 2, 3, and 4. Players can reload ammo by pressing the R letter key or the spacebar.  The player is given a time limit to finish each mission. Time elapsed is displayed on the upper right corner while the upper left corner shows the Health Bar. The player can likewise shoot at Bonus icons which can be additional health or ammunition. The number of remaining ammunition for the active weapon is displayed on the lower right corner.