GameSpy Arcade

GameSpy Industries, Inc. (Shareware)

GameSpy Arcade is a game server browsing utility that was first introduced in the early 2000s. Players can create their own profiles and play the games available on the website. The program is free, but users have to subscribe for a fee. There are three levels of subscription – Basic, Game Spy Arcade, and Founders Club.

Some of the games available on GameSpy Arcade include the following:
• Halo
• Counter-Strike
• Unreal Tournament 2004
• Command & Conquer: Renegade
• Age of Empires

The software scans the player’s hard drive for games that are compatible with the system. Players can chat with other players using the built-in instant messaging application. Voice chat is possible, too. The Buddy List feature ensures that there is always someone to play with when the player logs on. The Buddy List looks for all contacts that are online so that the player can send out game invites. There are user rooms, game staging rooms, and an online forum where members can exchange tips, communicate, and share their experiences when playing the games.

Another feature of GameSpy Arcade is the SmartSpy, a sever filter that looks for the best server for a specific game. Some popular games have a lot of servers and SmartSpy will provide the best one for the player to join.