GameSave Manager 3.0.302.0

InsaneMatt (Freeware)

GameSave Manager is a gaming utility developed by InsaneMatt and released on February 2013. This program enables gamers to manage their gamesave files without switching from one game directory to another. With this program, users can backup their game save files, restore them, and transfer the same from one computer to another. This protects game progress from accidental deletions and corruptions. This program also enables users to share their gamesaves to other people.

GameSave Manager’s user interface features a gray window showing the five main functions upon launch. These are Backing Up, Restoring Data, Steam Spreader, Customise, and Task Logs. Backing Up enables users to make gamesave backups and set scheduled backups. This program also features a Sync and Link option. Restoring data function enables users to restore backed up game saves. The Steam Spreader is more enables users to move game save directories from one disk partition to another, or one folder path to another. Symbolic Links are created even after moving so users need not sync the new locations to the game. Customise option enables users to create custom gamesave entries, modify variables, and customize the program settings. Lastly, Task logs option enables users to save previous tasks and view the same. The user interface also shows the current version, release date, and database link on the top panel.