GamersFirst LIVE! 1.0

GamersFirst (Freeware)

GamersFirstLIVE! is a software application that makes use of BitTorrent technology to quickly download myriads of games from GamersFirst.  It is powered by award winning Pando, which is a leader in Peer to Peer technology and is completely devoid of adware, spyware, and malware.  GamersFirstLIVE!  allows one to have access to the entire collection of games from GamersFirst.  The latter is a source of numerous Free2Play games, from quick playing matches to other games that offer an exciting RPG experience. Download, pause, and resume may be controlled through the application’s play and pause buttons.  The application is represented by an icon of the same name in one’s Windows Notification Area and can be accessed at any time from one’s system tray.

To play a game, the user has to click on the “Play Game” option and automatic downloading commences and is completed seamlessly. To exit the application, one simply has to right click its icon and choose the “Exit” option. The application allows for faster download of games from GamersFirst than those of third party download partners.  The application also does not make use of a large amount of memory nor bandwidth usage, thus system performance is not negatively affected.