GameRanger 4.9.170610

GameRanger Technologies (Freeware)

GameRanger is a server-matching Internet game application for Windows and Mac computers. It was first released in 1999 for Mac, and 2008 for Windows. There are over 600 games and game demos that are available online. Some of the games that can be played include the Age of Empires series, Command and Conquer series, Dungeon Lords, Need for Speed series, Outlaws, and many more.

After downloading the free program, players must then create a GameRanger account. The account must be activation before the service can be used. The player can join a game or host a game. This can be done from choosing a game room from the list. Hosting a game can be done by clicking on the ‘Host Game’ option. Game Rooms that have a green dot next to it mean that the game is already ongoing.

Aside from a game client, the GameRanger application is also a social network for gamers. There are chat rooms with various game topics that users can join in order to interact with other users of GameRanger. Users can add buddies to their chat list to keep track of all game contacts.

GameRanger offers three membership options – Basic, Silver, and Gold. The basic membership is available for free, which the Silver and Gold memberships are available for fee.