GameHouse What Word

GameHouse (Proprietary)

GameHouse What Word is a word puzzle game developed and released by GameHouse in February 2003. GameHouse What Word gameplay involves selecting and swapping balls with letters on it to form a word which can be any word, a What Word, or a Super What word. Creating all the What Words will take the player to the next level. Getting the Super What word gives the player bonus points.

GameHouse What Word graphical user interface features 4 boxes. The bigger box on the left panel shows five rows and five columns of balls containing the letters currently on board. The right panel shows the GotWords or the non-What Words that the player made. Every word created together with the corresponding points and bonus points are shown there. Below that is the What Words box containing the words needed to finish the level. Under that is the Super What Word. There are two buttons below the main game board—Blast to submit the created word and Pause to stop the game.

GameHouse What Word features two game modes. Action mode lets players to test their abilities against a definite time constraint. Puzzle mode is the untimed mode. Each mode may be played in two difficulty levels. Easy level requires 3-letter What Words or more while Hard level requires What Words with 4 or 5 letters.