GameHouse Super Wild Wild Words

GameHouse (Proprietary)

GameHouse Super Wild Wild Words is a Wild West-themed word puzzle game developed by GameHouse and released in January 2004. It combines the gameplay of traditional Hangman and word scrambler. Tiles containing letters fall from the top onto the game board and players create words from the letters available. Badges awarded during the game will be used for guessing the Hangman game word. The players need to guess the word in order to move to the next level.

GameHouse Super Wild Wild Words gameplay features two game modes. Normal Mode allows players to find as many words as possible within a definite time limit. Bonus mode does not have time constraints; however, tiles will continue to fall as the player creates more words from the letter tiles on the game board. Upon end of time limit, players will be given a chance to guess the word, one letter at a time. Players may also choose to challenge the hangman and guess the word without completing the letters. Scoreboard will show the Number of Guesses left, Best word played, Best word score, Number of Words formed, and Points earned. Aside from letter tiles, special Power-Up pieces fall down from time to time. These include Keys to unlock letters, First Aid tiles for hints, Gold, and TNT to destroy tiles.

GameHouse Super Wild Wild Words allows users to build words with at most 12 letters. GameHouse Super Wild Wild Words also features an in-game dictionary with more than 200,000 words.