GameHouse Super TextTwist

GameHouse, Inc. (Shareware)

Super TextTwist is a word puzzle game wherein players have to form words from the group of letters that are on the screen. On each level, there are several words that have to be found in order to gain points. There are boxes on each word to represent how many letters are needed to form a certain word. Players move on to the next level when all the letters on the screen are used to form a single word. Players can type in the letters to form a word and press the ‘Enter’ key to submit it. The ‘Twist’ button can be used to mix the letters around until a word can be found.

Super TextTwist has two game modes – timed mode and relaxed mode. In timed mode, players must find the longest word on the list before time runs out. In relaxed mode, the game is not timed. There are also several game options. Users can choose to play the game using six-letter words, seven-letter words, or both six and seven-letter words.

Users can play the game using the mouse, but there are also keyboard shortcuts.

• Spacebar – press the spacebar to shuffle the letters on the board
• Enter – press Enter to submit the word
• Backspace – pressing the backspace removes the last letter
• Tab – pressing Tab removes all the letters
• ESC – press the escape key to switch from full screen mode to windowed mode