GameHouse Super Solitaire

GameHouse, Inc (Shareware)

Super GameHouse Solitaire is a casual video game released in December 2002. This game features the classic card game Solitaire where players need to stack a randomly arranged deck of cards according to suit and in increasing order. Super GameHouse Solitaire also provides various Solitaire game variations. These include Vegas, Yukon, Crescent, Turbo, Pyramid, Free Cell, Tri-Peaks, Addiction, Golf, and Klondike Solitaire.

Super GameHouse Solitaire’s main page allows players to choose the game type that they would want to play. Users can configure display and audio settings such as sound effects and music volume, table color, and card design. Other options allow the players to select between full screen and window mode, enable game over detection, and clear win/loss statistics. Super GameHouse Solitaire allows the player to continue a game even after the game window is closed. The game also has a variety of tools that helps the player during the game. These includes an undo button which allows the player to go back to a previous move, and pop-up boxes that show hints when the player makes an invalid move. The game’s help section also provides a list of hints and guidelines on game mechanics. Super GameHouse Solitaire can be played using the mouse or the keyboard.