GameHouse Super Solitaire 2

GameHouse (Proprietary)

GameHouse Super Solitaire is a solitaire compilation game developed and released by GameHouse in November 2008. Aside from the classic Solitaire, GameHouse Super Solitaire provides more solitaire game options like Klondike Solitaire, Free Cell, and Vegas Solitaire.

GameHouse Super Solitaire main interface shows the available solitaire games from which players may choose which to play. Aside from the usual Free Cell and Spider Solitaire, this game offers solitaire games whose names may be traced according to the card arrangement on the gaming table. Accordion solitaire has the cards arranged in one row one after the other, accordion-style. Propeller solitaire has the cards arranged like a propeller. Circle Solitaire has the cards arranged in a circular pattern. Other solitaire game options are Lucky Fans, 21 Blitz, Monte Carlo, Canfield, and Vanishing Cross.

GameHouse Super Solitaire also features five music tracks made especially for the game. This game allows users to save their progress upon exit. For players who get stuck, GameHouse Super Solitaire also features an unlimited undo option. The main interface also shows the Win and Loss statistics of the player. However, there is no option to save more than one player. Players may also customize the color of the gaming table. Players may also play GameHouse Super Solitaire online and offline. Windowed and Full Screen playing is also supported.

Gamehouse Super Solitaire 3 is the latest version. All previous versions have been discontinued.