GameHouse Super PileUp!

GameHouse, Inc. (Proprietary)

Super Pile Up! is a casual video game developed by Oberon Media and was published by GameHouse Inc. in April 2003. This video game focuses on logic and quick reaction for the part of the player. Super Pile Up! features a gameplay that is similar to Tetris. In this video game, players need to control the drop of a cluster of differently colored balls on the bottom of the screen and landing it in a way so that it is arranged according to color. Matching four balls of the same color would automatically add up points to the player’s score and free up some space on the screen. Users can control the balls by using the arrow buttons. The left and right arrow buttons makes the balls move sideways while the up and down buttons changes the arrangement of balls in a cluster. Super Pile Up!’s main objective is to get high scores by arranging balls effectively. Failing to match balls correctly would cause the balls to pile up and cover the screen. Once the pile of balls reaches the top of the screen, the game is over. Super Pile Up! also, have special balls that would help or trap the players.

Super Pile Up! features a simple interface that contains several parts. The left side of the screen displays the game area where the balls are dropped and piled up. The right section contains a box that displays the color scheme of the next ball cluster. Below this box, users may find the score box, the current level, and the number of balls to remove before proceeding to the next level. Super Pile Up! also contains three difficulty levels.