GameHouse Super Gem Drop

GameHouse, Inc. (Proprietary)

GameHouse Super Gem Drop is a puzzle game developed by GameHouse in January 2002. As its name suggests, gameplay involves aligning dropping gems to form a column or a row of three or more matching gems. The objective of Super Gem Drop is to remove gems from the game board by matching them with similar gems. This is to prevent the gems from stacking up and reaching the top of the game board, which signals the end of the game. There is a required number of gem drops to be able to move up to the next level.

GameHouse Super Gem Drop main interface shows a red background with gold accents. Left hand side shows the High Score, the current score and level, and buttons for Pause, Instructions, game Options, and Exit. The right hand side shows the game board itself with the current gems on the board. Top right part shows the next 4 gems that may be dropped so the player can plan ahead. There is also a golden chalice on the right hand side showing the number of gem drops that need to be completed before the player can move to the next level.

There are various types of gems that may be played in GameHouse Super Gem Drop in various colors corresponding to different points and functions. Matches with white diamonds render the most points while black gems can give you more time.