GameHouse Super Collapse!

GameHouse, Inc. (Proprietary)

GameHouse Super Collapse! is a tile-matching puzzle game developed and released by GameHouse in 2001. It is the follow-up game to the web-based game Collapse! by the same company. It is part of the color-matching game genre that involves a variety of colored blocks. The objective of the game is to match 3 or more colored blocks in the same row to remove them from the board. The players score points by removing the most number of line blocks from the board. Players move to the next level when they have completed the required number of lines of blocks to be destroyed.

GameHouse Super Collapse! features several colored blocks including red, blue, yellow, and white. The game also features special tiles, which are bombs. These bombs function to destroy a larger group of blocks even though are not matched in color. Bombs come in different colors. Clicking a colored bomb removes all color blocks of the same color from the board. Color blocks drop down from the top of the board and accumulate at the bottom. The player has to destroy the blocks and prevent them from reaching the top of the board.

GameHouse Super Collapse! features a single window display. The right hand panel contains the score, game level, the number of lines left to be removed, Pause button, Options button, and Exit Game button. The right hand pane shows the main game board.