GameHouse Super Collapse! II

GameHouse (Proprietary)

GameHouse Super Collapse! II is a tile-matching puzzle game developed and released by GameHouse in 2002. GameHouse Super Collapse! II players try to move and align three matching colored blocks to remove them from the game board. Points are scored by removing a definite number of lines required for a certain level.

GameHouse Super Collapse! II features 4 game modes. Traditional mode follows the original Super Collapse. Tiles appear from the top and players match at least three tiles with the same color. Puzzle Mode requires players to plan what moves to take to remove all tiles from the board within the number of attempts provided. Strategy Mode requires the players to plan their strategies to get the most scores from the tiles provided. Relapse Mode is like Traditional mode only that the tiles appear not only from the top of the board but also from the bottom. Each game mode may be played in Normal or Hard.

GameHouse Super Collapse! II tile colors include green, red, white, blue, and yellow. Bombs may appear during play in place of tiles. Clicking a colored bomb removes all tiles of the same color from the board. Clicking a black bomb eliminates all surrounding tiles. A bomb between two tiles of the same color may act as a bridge and clicking them removes the group from the board. Completing even-numbered levels opens up a bonus level.