GameHouse Shape Shifter 1.0.2

GameHouse (Shareware)

Shape Shifter is a casual video game developed by GameHouse and first released in May 2004. This video game a puzzle-solving type of gameplay where players need to match a number of differently shaped tiles into slots that correspond to the tile shape. A moving tray located on the bottom portion of the game screen delivers the tiles randomly. The game’s objective is for the player to fill out all the slots within the time limit. The players lose the game if they fail to place the required tiles into the slots after the given time expires. Shape Shifter features simple mouse controls. Players can place the tiles into the slots by clicking and dragging the tiles from the moving tray and releasing the tile above the corresponding slot in the middle of the screen. However, once the player clicks on a particular tile, it is impossible to place the tile back on the moving tray. If a player picks up a tile by mistake, Shape Shifter provides players with a discard chute where players may discard a tile in order to pick up a new one. Players can earn bonus points by quickly placing the correct tile into slots. In addition, if a player matches three tiles quickly in a row, Shape Shifter provides players with additional points.

Shape Shifter features two game modes and different levels of increasing difficulty. The game increases its difficulty by introducing new shapes and increasing the movement speed of the tile delivery tray as well as the slot tray. Shape Shifter also displays the player’s total score, current level, and remaining level time in boxes located on the left portion of the game screen.